Will you go to Jesus and keep him company for love of Him?  He is waiting for YOU!  

For Love of You

For three year Jesus taught.

He healed, he prayed, he gave of himself

For love of you.

On his way to pay for our sins,

he meets his sorrowful Mother, he falls.

​Jesus comforts us...weep not for me he says,

For love of you.

He falls again, and is stripped of his garments.

Jesus allows himself to be nailed to a cross.

He understands why.

All this...because he so loves you.

Love held him on the Cross as surely as the nails.

With love Jesus looks down from the Cross

'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do'

For love of you.

Redemption is ours...a promise from our God.

Yet, the love of God is such

he can not bear to leave us;

the creation he dearly loves.

So, Jesus waits.

His body, blood, soul and Divinity

A prisoner of Love in the mystery of the Eucharist

Our God does all of this...

​For Love of You

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere.

 Now and forever!

Called to be the heart of God in the world.

Heaven Help Us!

​Prayer Ministry